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Manual Seed Drill Machine

Suitable for Maize, bean, peanut, cotton, sunflower seed, etc.


Double Barrel Manual Seeder and Fertilizer is an agricultural tool that simplifies farmers' job and boosts paddy field output. The Hand Push Seeder machine plants a variety of seeds, including maize, beans, peanuts, cotton, and sunflower seeds. Simple to use in all typical terrain and hill stations.


Product Type : Seed Drill 
Brand : Rawat
Material : Mild Steel and Plastic 
Power Source : Hand Operated 
Suitable seeds : Maize, Bean Peanut, Cotton, Sunflower Seeds etc.
Functions : Planting & Fertilizing
Seed Topography : Plain, Mountainous Land, Hill etc.
Hole seeding rate : 1-2 Adjustable
Seed Plate : 12 Set
Seeding depth : 25 - 60 mm
Seed box capacity : 4 kg
Seed space : 26 - 29cm (adjustable)
Mouth number : 12 - 14 (adjustable)
Weight : 11.3kg (Approx.)